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I write a lot about the days of Holy Week because I love Jesus and History and the two collide in a beautiful way during those particular days. But this place is for more than just that. (That’s what my books are for!) This is the home for discussions and teachings as well as book threads, resources, authentic community, vulnerability and honest conversations.

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About me

I love exploring the intersection of history + faith. I am happiest when I am surrounded by a pile of books-either research spread out across my office floor, or a great fiction book as I am wrapped up in a blanket in my reading chair or stretched out on the couch of our porch, sometimes both. Music and my family make the happiness complete. But my joy, comes from Jesus. He has been steadfast and patient and good and trustworthy through an often tumultuous life. I hope you get to see him in these words and the goodness and kindness you find here. I love looking at scripture with new eyes and discovering what can be missed, the nuance, the connections.

May this space, and the spaces it leads you to, be a soft place for you to land.

You can read my latest book Life Surrendered: Finding Freedom at the Cross Available wherever books are sold: Amazon | Leafwood

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